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Timor 100 Escudos 1963 P28 Unc Some Stains

Timor 100 escudos 1963 P28a Brown on white Dom Aleixo in plumed hat/Arms Unc

Tonga 1 Pa'anga King George P37 Unc

Tonga 1 pa'anga P-New Green Portrait late King George at r/ Whale Unc

Transdniestra 10 Rublei 1994 P18 Unc

Transdniestra 10 roubles 1994 P18 Pink and white Subarov at r/ Buildings. Unc

Tunisia 1 Dinar 1980 P74 Unc

Tunisia 1 dinar 1980 P74 Pink Bourguiba at r and ancient theatre and ruins at l/ Hillside shoreline town. Unc

Tunisia Half Dinar P69 Unc

Tunisia Half Dinar 1973 P69. Coloured Green and peach, featuring Habib Bourguiba at centre and a camel and plough below. On the reverse features sheep grazing, a fruit bowl and a tree in the centre. In uncirculated condition. This is a rare note, especially in uncirculated condition considering the Tunisian Dinar is now a closed currency, meaning it's illegal to import it into or export it out of the country.