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2017 Silver Kruger BU

The Gold Krugerrand has been around since about 1967, but the silver Krugerrand has only been around since 2017. There are 3 dates made and the first one is very difficult to find, the second one is difficult and the current one is current. All coins contain one ounce of pure silver and weigh an ounce. We have managed to put together all three dates, as the series is just starting, you will be able to complete your set year by year as other coins are issued. Supplies on the 2017 and 2018 issues are not easy to find, so get them while you can. All coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and selected for their quality.

Andy & Fergie Double Country Crown 1986 Unc

In 1986 on the 23rd of July Prince Andrew married Miss Sarah Ferguson, a marriage that was not to last, unfortunately. Two South Atlantic islands, St. Helena and Ascension Island, combined to honour this event and by combining they made a rather interesting piece. You have the couple on one side with Prince Andrew in military uniform, a few years earlier he served as a helicopter pilot in the Falkland Islands. The other side has Prince Andrew’s Mother, better known as H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. These are cupronickel crownsized 50 Pence pieces and are in Uncirculated condition. They are now 33 years old and being sold for about the same price that they sold for 30 years ago! Your gain!

D-Day 50th Aniv St. Helena

This Prooflike Uncirculated Crown from St. Helena and Ascension Island was issued in 1994. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Allies landing on Normandy Beach in World War II. On one side you have the beach landing and on the other H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. The face value is 50 Pence and it is now 25 years old. A beautiful and inexpensive crown to honour World War II.

Romania Olympic Ice Skaters

This handsome Silver Proof crown or 100 Lei was issued by Romania for the Winter Olympics held in Nagano Japan in 1998. It was the 18th Winter Olympics. The crown depicts a man and a woman ice dancing, with date and number of the Olympiad on one side. The other side has the Olympic flame and the arms of Romania. Each Sterling Silver Proof 100 Lei comes in a protective capsule and is gleaming Proof condition. We believe it to be a relatively low mintage coin, as the Winter Olympics do not have as much interest as the Summer Olympics. As some mints are charging up to £88 for a silver proof crown, our price for this coin is most reasonable.

TDC Royal Line Crown

This gold-plated crown was issued by Tristan da Cunha in 2010 and celebrates the Royal Line and is most unusual as it features not one, but six portraits of our monarchs. On the front is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and on the back you have the side-facing portraits of George VI, Edward VIII, George V, Edward VII and Queen Victoria, the five monarchs that preceded Queen Elizabeth. Six royal portraits for the price of one! It is a gold plated Proof and comes in a protective capsule. Our supply is very limited, this is the first time that we have offered them for sale, please do not miss out.

Western Samoa 100 Tala P37 Unc

Samoa (Western) 100 tala P36 Pink and green Man at r and domed structure at centre/Processing cacao harvest Unc