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Spain, Picasso Euro Cupronickel Unc

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was the greatest artist of the last century. His name is recognised by everyone and his styles led rather than followed the art world. These styles and periods include Blue Period, Rose Period and Cubism. His most famous painting is Guernica. This portrayed his outrage against the German bombing of the city of Guernica under the auspices of General Franco. Picasso was born in Spain in 1881 but spent a large part of his life in France. He is considered the ‘Old Master’ of contemporary art. We are pleased to be able to offer again these magnificent Picasso Euro pieces, in two different finishes. Here we present the Cupronickel type.

Sri Lanka, 10 Coins

At the paper money fair in The Netherlands, we met a dealer from Sri Lanka. He had just 100 sets of their coinage with him and we bought all of them. After all, finding, let alone buying the coins of Sri Lanka is not easy at all. There are 10 different Brilliant Uncirculated coins, some odd-shaped. They are 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 & 50 Cents plus 1, 2, 5 & 10 Rupees 1988-2016. It is a very difficult set to put together, especially in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Once they are gone, they are gone...

Sri Lanka, 1998 10 RUPEES

In 1998 Sri Lanka struck this attractive 10 Rupee coin to honour the 50th Anniversary of Independence. The Obverse bears a traditional building within circle. The Reverse features the denomination and 'Sri Lanka' (written in three languages English, Sinhala and Tamil!). Priced at just £4.95 this coin is a must for collectors of both Sri Lankan coins and Bi-metallic issues.

St. Helena and Ascension Islands, Andy & Fergie Double Country Crown 1986 Unc

In 1986 on the 23rd of July Prince Andrew married Miss Sarah Ferguson, a marriage that was not to last, unfortunately. Two South Atlantic islands, St. Helena and Ascension Island, combined to honour this event and by combining they made a rather interesting piece. You have the couple on one side with Prince Andrew in military uniform, a few years earlier he served as a helicopter pilot in the Falkland Islands. The other side has Prince Andrew’s Mother, better known as H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. These are cupronickel crownsized 50 Pence pieces and are in Uncirculated condition. They are now 33 years old and being sold for about the same price that they sold for 30 years ago! Your gain!

St. Helena, Napoleonic Wars Set of 6

This is the final collection of Crowns issued by St. Helena about Napoleon. St. Helena is a very small island in the Atlantic Ocean half way between Africa and South America. It is always known as the place that Napoleon died and where he was buried for many years. It is a very remote island and almost impossible to attack. This set of six Crowns depicts his wars. They are silver plated; you have Napoleon with his hand in his shirt and below you have the troops marching with bayonets flashing. Each piece has a full colour rendition of a battle. Here we are offering the set without the wooden box they normally come in, therefore the price is reduced to reflect this.

St. Thomas & Prince Scarce Crown

In 1985St. Thomas & Prince issued a cupro-nickel crown or 100 Dobras to honour their 10th anniversary of Independence. It is a small and fascinating island, however, getting coins or banknotes from there is almost impossible. Two banknote dealers who went there were put in jail accused of money laundering. So this Crown is even more interesting and important. I think it is the first crown we have had from St. Thomas & Prince. You have an outline picture of the island on one side and the coat of arms on the reverse with two birds holding it up. A most unusual and difficult crown to find, in fact, most of this country's coins are difficult to obtain...