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ZAR Gold Pond Fine

Before South Africa became South Africa, as it is known today, it was run by Dutch decedents called the Boers. They based their Gold coins on the British system, same fineness, same weight, only a lot less of these coins were struck and they are therefore scarcer than British sovereigns, South Africa was then known as ZAR, or Zuid Afrikaanshce Republiek in Dutch. The coins we offer were struck around 1896 although we have a few earlier and later dates. The coins are struck in 22ct Gold, weigh about 8 grams, are over 120 years old and in Fine condition. We bought these coins before the price of gold went up, so they are cheaper than we would normally have to charge. Add one to your collection even if you cannot pronounce the name. After all, it is another country for your collection.

Pair of Spanish Civil War Coins

One of our dealers managed to get us two different 25 Centavo coins issued in Spain during their Civil War. One is dated 1927 and has a crown and a hammer on it. The second is dated 1934 and has Espana holding an olive branch. Both coins were struck with a hole in the middle and are in Very Fine condition. The Spanish Civil War, as are all civil wars, had brother fighting brother. It was the Communists fighting the Capitalists and in this case the Capitalists came out on top. This pair of coins is getting increasingly difficult to find. We think they are fantastic but that they do represent a bloody and turbulent time in Spain’s history.

2017 Silver Kruger BU

I thought that they had started the new Silver Krugerrand in 2018, but I have been told off. They made them in 2017, but this issue sold out and is now very difficult to find. But I finally found a small group of the 2017 South Africa Silver Krugerrand in Choice Uncirculated condition in Germany. I bought all they had, they are beautiful and the start of a whole new series, we also have 2018 and 2019 issues for sale, but the 2017 issue is the one that everyone wants. Get them while you can. Note the 50th Anniversary of the Kruger on the coin.

Andy & Fergie Double Country Crown 1986 Unc

In 1986 on the 23rd of July Prince Andrew married Miss Sarah Ferguson, a marriage that was not to last, unfortunately. Two South Atlantic islands, St. Helena and Ascension Island, combined to honour this event and by combining they made a rather interesting piece. You have the couple on one side with Prince Andrew in military uniform, a few years earlier he served as a helicopter pilot in the Falkland Islands. The other side has Prince Andrew’s Mother, better known as H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. These are cupronickel crownsized 50 Pence pieces and are in Uncirculated condition. They are now 33 years old and being sold for about the same price that they sold for 30 years ago! Your gain!

2019 Silver Krugerrand BU

We have just had in our supply of the NEW 2019 South Africa Silver Krugerrand. It now appears that they are going to make them every year, which is great for collectors. Another series to collect, beautiful quality and reasonable prices, what more can you ask for? Each piece contains one ounce of pure Silver and is in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. If you bought last year’s issue, then you will want to add this one to your collection too. Best to get in at the beginning, when prices are cheapest. The longer a series goes on, the more difficult the earlier issues are to get.

D-Day 50th Aniv St. Helena

This Prooflike Uncirculated Crown from St. Helena and Ascension Island was issued in 1994. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Allies landing on Normandy Beach in World War II. On one side you have the beach landing and on the other H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. The face value is 50 Pence and it is now 25 years old. A beautiful and inexpensive crown to honour World War II.