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Romania 200 Lei 1992 P100 Unc

Romania 200 lei 1992 P100 Pastel shades of blue and crem/ Antipa at r , ship and heron/ Heron Unc

Romania 5000 Lei 1993 P104 Unc

Romania 5000 lei 1993 P104 Mauve and m/c Avram Iancu at r and church in background/Church and archway Unc

Romania Pilot Plastic 50 lei, 2005 (P120)

A beautiful and colourful 50 Lei note issued by The National Bank of Romania in 2005

Russia 10,000 Roubles 1992 P253 Unc

Russia 10,000 roubles from 1992 (P253) Coloured brown and pink on white, featuring flag over Kremlin on obverse; Spires and roof tops on reverse. In uncirculated condition.

Russia 5000 Roubles 1992 P252 Unc

Russia 5000 roubles 1992 P252 Blue mauve Turrets of Kremlin/ Spires Unc