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Qatar 1 Rial P14 Unc

Qatar 1 rial P14 Mauve and m/c Arms at r/ Boat on shore Unc

Rhodesia 1 Dollar 1979 P38 Unc

Rhodesia 1 dollar 1978 P38 Blue Arms .Tobacco plantation Bird watermark Unc

Romania 200 Lei 1992 P100 Unc

Romania 200 lei 1992 P100 Pastel shades of blue and crem/ Antipa at r , ship and heron/ Heron Unc

Romania 5000 Lei 1993 P104 Unc

Romania 5000 lei 1993 P104 Mauve and m/c Avram Iancu at r and church in background/Church and archway Unc

Romania Pilot Plastic 50 lei, 2005 (P120)

A beautiful and colourful 50 Lei note issued by The National Bank of Romania in 2005