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Morocco 20 Dirhams 2012 P74 Unc

Morocco 20 dirhams 2012 P-new Mauve King Mohammed at r/ Train on bridge and minaret . Unc

Maldives 5 Rufiyaas 2017 P-New Plastic Unc

Maldives 5 rufiyaas P-New Printed on polymer plastic Footballer/ Conch shell Unc

Mauritius 25 Rupees 2013 P64 Polymer Plastic Unc

Mauritius 25 rupees P64 Printed on polymer plastic Pink and grey Facing portrait Sir Moilin Jean ah-Chuen /House and fishermen with cage nets Unc

Mali (as W Afric States) 500 francs P410D Unc

Mali (as West Africa States) 500 francs 2003 P410Dn Green, yellow and brown Man at r with dam in background/ Man on sprayer Unc