World Banknotes Countries M-P

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New Caledonia 500 Francs P60d Unc

New Caledonia 500 francs nd (1992) P60e Blue French Printing Noumea Ovpt Man at r and canoe at centre/ Man and rocky cliffs and shore Unc

Netherlands Indies Japanese Occ 5 Cents(1942) P120 Unc

Netherlands Indies Japanese Occupation 5 cents P120 Tiny Blue and cream. Simple design Unc

Netherlands 5 Gulden 1973 P95 Unc

Netherlands 5 gulden 1973 P95 Green on white Man at r/ Modern design Unc

Nepal 20 Rupees nd P47

Nepal 20 rupees nd P47 Orange and grey King Guyanendra Bir Bikram at l/ Antelope Unc

Myanmar 1 Kyat 1990 P67 Unc

Myanmar 1 kyat 1990 P67 Brown and peach. Soldier at l/Design Unc

Mozambique 50,000 meticais (1993) P138 Unc

Mozambique 50,000 meticais 1993 P138 Brown and m/c Facade of Bank building/ View of dam. Unc