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Poland 1000 Marek 1919 P20 AU/Unc

Issued by Poland and dated 1919, this 1000 marek note is pretty impressive. It measures 52mm x 82mm and is densely engraved in brown. (P29) The front has the portrait of national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The back has a crowned eagle within a frame. Superb condition, now almost 100 years old and in Crisp AU/Unc

Philippines 20 Pisos 2010 P206 Unc

Philippines 20 pisos 2100 P206 Bright orange Quezon at l Civet cat and stepped plantations Unc

Papua New Guinea 2 Kina nd P28 Building. Plastic Unc

Papua New Guinea 2 kina nd P28 Green Printed on plastic Roof of Parliament building/ Artefacts Unc