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Persia, Silver 1/8 Qirans (Krans), AH1271-Ah1342 (1854-1924)

‘Shahi-e-safid’ or ‘White Sahi’ Persian New Year Silver Coins

Portuguese India 1935 Rupee BU

Sometime ago there was a little hoard of Portuguese Indian silver coins discovered. The thing about them was the condition, they were in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and almost never seen in such high grades We have handled more of the hoard than almost any other dealer, but what was not disclosed was that the Rupia was Scarce. You now have the opportunity to add this beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated Silver one year only type coins from Portuguese India to your collection. The hoard has been dispersed and they are now becoming more difficult to find and their prices are going up.

Portuguese Guinea, rare 10 Centavos, 1973

Struck in aluminium for one year only.

Newfoundland, Edward VII, 50 Cents. VG condition

One of the largest and most difficult Newfoundland coins to get.

Newfoundland, George V, 25 Cents. Fine

Scarce denomination from a coountry that no longer issues its own coinage.

Newfoundland George VI 5c silver

Before Newfoundland officially it became part of the Canadian Federation they used to issue their own coinage. For country collectors, you will need a coin of Newfoundland. They issued coins from the time of Queen Victoria right up to King George VI. Here we are offering some of the last silver coins issued by Newfoundland, under King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s Father. You get the silver Five Cents and with the portrait of King George VI and both some of the last coins issued for Newfoundland as an independent entity. Coins will be in Fine-Very Fine condition and nice examples.