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South Africa (ZAR), Kruger Half Pond 1895. Very fine.

South Africa (ZAR), Kruger Half Pond 1895. KM.9 (.917 gold). Very fine. The first South Africa gold coin.

Nagorno-Karabakh Set of 7 Coins. Uncirculated.

Nagorno-Karabakh Set of 7 Coins. Uncirculated. Nagorno-Karabakh can certainly be considered a most unusual country. Although it declared its independence in 1991, the United Nations still considers it part of Azerbaijan. The majority of the residents are of Armenian descent. The country borders Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan but considers itself an independent nation. This set of 7 coins was issued in 2004 and as far as I know it is the only set of coins from this country. There are 3 aluminium 1 Drams, a Saint, 2 cats and a bird with a very long tail. There are also 2 of the 50 Luma, one with a prancing horse and one with a gazelle. There are 2 of the 5 Drams one with an ancient monument and the other with an ornate church. All the coins are Brilliant Uncirculated condition and I don’t know anywhere else that has this set for sale at this time.

New Zealand, George VI, 1946 Shilling. B. UNC

Silver Shilling from New Zealand struck in 1946 during the reign of King George VI. Brilliant Uncirculated. (KM.9)

New Zealand, George VI, 1943 Threepence. B. UNC

Silver Threepence issued by New Zealand in 1943 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (KM.7)

Mozambique, Scarce early Mint Set. Choice UNC

Set of 6 early coins from Mozambique in choice Uncirculated condition.

Montenegro, 1 para, 1906 (KM.1) BU

Brilliant Uncirculated small bronze coin issued by the Kingdom of Montenegro in 1906