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Kyrgystan 20-200 Som P24-27 (4) Unc

Acolourful quartet of notes issued by Kyrgystan between 2009 and 2016. Our set, in Uncirculated condition, comprises the 20.50.100 and 200 som (P24-27) The fronts all feature a famous citizen while the illustrations on the back include ancient buildings, a rocky outcrop and a barrage of a dam set in a mountain gorge.

Macedonia 200 Denar 2016 P23 Unc

Macedonia 200 denar 2016 P-new Brown , green and yellow on white Tapestry like design/ Detail from stone frieze Unc

Madagascar, 10,000 francs, 1995 (P79) Uncirculated

Colourful issue from 1995 from this former French colony.

Malawi 200 Kwacha 2012 P60 Unc

Malawi 200 kwacha 2012 P60 Blue Rose Chibambo at r and fish at l/ New Parliament Unc