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Poland 50 Zlotych 1988 P142c Unc

Poland 50 zlotych 1988 P142 Green. Karol Swierczewski at centre/Cross. Unc

Poland 20 Zlotych 1940 P95 AUnc

Poland 20 zlotych 1940 P95 Grey on white Statue of young woman with children at l and head of young woman at r/ Church in panel Crisp Unc

Philippines 200 pesos nd P140a Unc

Philippines 200 pesos nd P140a Green Quezon at l/Legislative Building Unc

Mongolia 10 tugrik P38 Unc

Mongolia 10 tugrik 1966 P38 Orange. Suhe Bator / Design Unc

Malaysia 5 Ringgit (2012) P52 Plastic Unc

Malaya 5 ringgit P52 Green Printed on polymer plastic Sheik at r and flower at centre/ Toucans. Unc

North Korea 200 Won 2005 P48 Unc

North Korea 200 won 2005 P48 Blue, brown and white Flowers/Design Unc