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Kyrgystan 20-200 Som P24-27 (4) Unc

Acolourful quartet of notes issued by Kyrgystan between 2009 and 2016. Our set, in Uncirculated condition, comprises the 20.50.100 and 200 som (P24-27) The fronts all feature a famous citizen while the illustrations on the back include ancient buildings, a rocky outcrop and a barrage of a dam set in a mountain gorge.

Lesotho 5 Maloti 1989 P10a Unc

Lesotho 5 maloti 1989 P10 Blue and green. King Mashoshoe in civilian clothes at r/Dramatic Waterfall Unc

Luxembourg 100 Francs nd P58b Unc

Luxembourg 100 francs nd P58b Pink and m/c Grand Duke and Palace/ View over spires of Luxembourg City Unc

Macedonia 200 Denar 2016 P23 Unc

Macedonia 200 denar 2016 P-new Brown , green and yellow on white Tapestry like design/ Detail from stone frieze Unc

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