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Keeling Cocos Tenth Rupee PS123 Unc

Keeling Cocos On Tenth Rupee 1902 PS123 Tiny Uniface Black on white card like pare Unc

Kenya 1000 Shilingi P51 (uncirculated)

I’ve always liked this 1000 shilingi note issued by Kenya. (P51a) It’s dated 2010. A portrait of Jomo Kenyatta is on the front, whilst on the back there is a wonderful illustration of an elephant family. Crisp, uncirculated at £17.50.

Kenya 5 Shillings 1978 P15 Unc

Kenya 5 shillings 1978 P15 Orange on white Jomo Kenyatta at l/ Planted fields. Unc

Kerguelan Islands 100 Francs 2010 Plastic Unc

Kerguelan Islands 100 francs 2010 Printed on plastic Head of cat looking out to rock formations/Kerguelan-Tremares and view of port Unc

Kyrgystan 1 Som 1999 P15 Unc

Kyrgystan 1 som 1999 P15 Brown Man at rMusical instruments Unc