World Banknotes Countries I-L

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Italy 1000 Lire P114 Unc

Italy 1000 lire 1990's P114 Small Pink and blue Montessori at r/Schoolroom scene Unc

Italy, 10,000 Lire P112 Volta Unc

Italy 10,000 lire (1984) P112 Blue on white Volta ar r and early battery/Domed columned building Unc

Italy, 100 lire, 1746 (PS102) UNC

The first Italian note printed some 270 years ago and available in UNC

Italy, 2000 Lire P115 Marconi Unc

Italy 2000 lire P115 Brown and orange Marconi /Transmitter, masts and Elecctra ship Unc

Italy, 5000 Lire 1985 P111 Unc

Italy 5000 lire 1985 P111 Green. Bellini and opera house at r/Detail from opera. Unc

Italy, Torino 100 Lire 1765 PS113r (unissued)

The first banknotes issued in Italy appeared in the 18th century when Italy was still a collection of kingdoms and dukedoms. We bought our notes from the descendants of the family that first issued them. Printed in black on white on thick watermarked paper these 100 lire notes are dated 1765 and are unissued.(PS113r) The main illustration is of a crowned shield with two cherubs and an eagle below with a ribbon in its mouth. A special price: instead of £195, this terrific note is available for just £135.00.