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Italy, 200 Lire 1997 Naval League

The Italian Naval League was honoured in 1997 on a brass 200 Lire coin of Italy. Of course, Italy no longer uses the Lire denomination, they now use the Euro. You have Italy featured on one side and the arms of the Naval League on the other side. They are now 12 years old and one of the last 200 Lire coins to be struck. They are of course, in Uncirculated condition

Italy, Naples & Sicily, Tornesi / Deci 1825

KM133, huge copper coin, 1 year type coin Fine

Italy, Tuscany, Testone 1621

Italian States, Tuscany, Ferdinando II de Medici (1621-70), Testone 1621. Very Fine or better and Rare

Jamaica, $25 Queen's Diamond

This is a winner. A Sterling Silver $25.00 coin from Jamaica dated 2011 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and with a tiny diamond set into the field. You have a crown and three trumpets and that tiny diamond set into a star. The arms of Jamaica are on the obverse. The coin is brilliant Proof and comes in a protective capsule. A very popular country especially with tourists and one that you don’t see all that often. Supplies are rather short, so if you want one, please get in quickly. Today the Royal Mint charge £80 for a crownsized coin.

Japan, Ansei 1 Bu-gin Silver

This rectangular bar of silver is an actual coin that was issued by Japan ca 1859-1868. Later on they were replaced by round coins, but this coin circulated for 10 years. It weighs 8.63 grams and is about 150 years old. There is also a chop mark to tell the owner that this was good silver and a real coin to be used. These are in very nice condition and would make a most interesting and important addition to your collection. Supplies are very limited.

Japan, Cash Coin Very Fine

Chinese Cash coins are easy to find, you can not say that about Japanese Cash coins. A Cash coin is a round coin with a square hole in it. If you do the I-Ching, then you need three coins all the same. This coins is in Very Fine condition. We don't know what the market is in Japan, but we do know that they are much scarcer than their Chinese counterparts.