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Ireland, Edward VII, 1901. Goldine Retro-Patina. Proof FDC

Low-mintage retro-patina for Ireland. Edward VII, bare head, 1901 struck in Goldine. Proof FDC

Ireland, The Last Irish Threepence

The first Irish Threepence was issued in 1928 when it’s first coinage was struck. The last of the Decimal Irish coinage was in 1968. This Threepence is dated 1968 and in Uncirculated condition. You have an Irish hare on one side and an Irish Harp on the other side. 1968 was the date of the last ever Irish Threepence and the coins on offer are in Uncirculated condition, something you will not find in Ireland these days.

Israel, 1 New Sheqel, 1986. B. UNC (KM.164)

From the Art in Israel commemorative series, 1 New Sheqel, 1986 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Israel, 5 Coin Older Mint Set Uncirculated.

Israel 5 Coin Older Mint Set Uncirculated. This is a most unusual set of coins, the legends are in Hebrew, Arabic and English and there are no dates in English on the coins. They were issued between 1960 and 1980 and all five coins are in Uncirculated condition. The designs are simple yet reflect things that are from that region. You have the 1, 5, 10 and 25 Agorot and the 1 Lira. The 1 Lira has a pomegranate on it, the 25 Agorot a three-string Lyre, the 10 a palm tree, the 5 another type of pomegranate and the 1 an oat sprig. A difficult set of coins to put together, especially in Uncirculated condition, because of inflation Israel has had to change its coinage many times. Five nice Uncirculated coins now at least 37 years old.

Israel, Lira 1958

Hanukkah KM22 Uncirculated

Israel, Lira 1962

Hanukkah KM38, Uncirculated