World Coins Countries I-L

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India, Kamargupta (414-455 AD), Silver Drachm. GVF

Silver Drachm of Kamargupta (414-455 AD), Gupta Dynasty, NW India. Good Very Fine condition.

Israel, 1 New Sheqel, 1986. B. UNC (KM.164)

From the Art in Israel commemorative series, 1 New Sheqel, 1986 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

1839, Isle of Man, Farthing. Brilliant Uncirculated

Copper Farthing issued in 1839. Brilliant Uncirculated condition with full lustre. A beautiful example. (KM.12)

Kiribati, 5 Dollars, 1998 Silver Proof Crown. (KM.50)

Crown-sized Silver Proof (.925 fineness). Issued by the Pacific Island of Kiribati in 1998 to mark the Birthdays of Prince Charles and Queen Mother.

Lithuania, 1991 5-coin Mint Set. Uncirculated.

Set of 5 coins from Lithuania all dated 1991 and in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Korea, World Shooting Champ. 1978, 500 Won. UNC

Large-sized 500 Won coin issued for the 1978 World Shooting Championships.