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India, Rupee 1919B

George V, KM524, Brilliant Uncirculated

Latvia 2 Lati 1925 Uncirculated

Latvia only issued coins from 1918-39 when it then came under the Soviet influence. This Silver 2 Lati was only issued for two years and this is the first year of issue 1925. Normally these coins are found in Fine or Very Fine condition. The coins on offer here are Uncirculated, very high grade and almost never found this nice. Supplies are limited, so please get in quickly, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Ancient India Elephant

We were offered a group of ancient Indian copper coins recently; they were issued between 59- 131 AD. They have an elephant on one side and some circles on the other side. They were very crudely struck; after all they were a very low denomination at the time. They are from Satavahanas, Pulomavi in India. We went through 2,000 coins in the hoard and picked out the best ones available. We went for the best elephants that we could find, in fact we bought only 10% of the hoard, and these were the only ones that we thought were of sufficient quality for our customers. A very old coin but it won’t cost you the earth. As the elephant is now endangered, we think this ancient coin is very appropriate.

JERSEY 1977 CR(25p) CN

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 and the whole world went wild. For the first time many of her overseas countries issued crowns to celebrate the event. Today the coins would be the same size but have a face value of £2-£5 and sell for more. We have just found two rolls of the Jersey 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown in Uncirculated cupronickel. They are 42 years old and struck by the Royal Mint.

Ireland Edward VII Goldine Crowned

These Proof Double Florin sized pieces are retro-patterns, showing what the coinage might have looked like, had it been issued. You have the crowned bust of King Edward VII on one side and a crowned harp within a series of arches on the other side with the retro date 1901. The mintages on these handsome pieces was only 425 in each metal. We have on offer the Goldine examples. They are beautiful, they are Proof, the mintages are low and so are their prices. How can you lose? Add one or more to your collection today, before they sell out…

Jamaica $25 Queen's Diamond

This is a winner. A Sterling Silver $25.00 coin from Jamaica dated 2011 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and with a tiny diamond set into the field. You have a crown and three trumpets and that tiny diamond set into a star. The arms of Jamaica are on the obverse. The coin is brilliant Proof and comes in a protective capsule. A very popular country especially with tourists and one that you don’t see all that often. Supplies are rather short, so if you want one, please get in quickly. Today the Royal Mint charge £80 for a crownsized coin.