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India, Kamargupta (414-455 AD), Silver Drachm. GVF

Silver Drachm of Kamargupta (414-455 AD), Gupta Dynasty, NW India. Good Very Fine condition.

India, Portuguese India Half, Rupia 1936 Brilliant Uncirculated

A number of years ago there was a hoard of Portuguese India 1 Rupees of 1936 and most of them were in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. What most collectors don’t know is that there were also a small group of the Rare one year type Half Rupee in Silver also in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We have a very small group of these Rare Silver Half Rupees in Brilliant Uncirculated condition to offer, but they are really limited. The Rupee is Scarce to Rare and the group is being dissipated into collectors hands, but the Half Rupee is the Gem of the group. Please don’t miss out on this one!

Indonesia, 1000 Rupiah 1993

bi-metalic with a palm tree, Uncirculated

Indonesia, Famous People Collection

In this set of Indonesian coins, you'll find 4 coins, three in aluminium and one in steel. All with portraits of famous Indonesians. The 100 Rupiah Prof. Dr. Herman Johannes, the 200 Rupiah has Dr. Tjiptomangunkusumo, the 500 has Letjen T.B. Simatupang, and the 1000 has Mr. I. Gusti Ketutpudia. As inflation is running high in Indonesia the coins cost more to strike than their face value. Brilliant Uncirculated coins and the first that we have seen all dated 2016 and a rather interesting group of coins.

Iran, Khwarezm Copper

The Khwārez-Shāh Dynasty, (c. 1077–1231), was a dynasty that ruled in Central Asia and Iran, by 1218 the empire had a population of around 5 million people. Muhammad II was the penultimate Khwarez-Shah who reigned from 1200-1220. We offer Jitals (small copper/lead alloy coins) of the period from different mints in the area and a number of different types. Offered here us the Khwarez Dynasty Copper.

Ireland, 1/2 Pence 1982

the last issue, Brilliant Uncirculated