World Coins Countries I-L

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Israel, Lira 1958

Hanukkah KM22 Uncirculated

Israel, Lira 1962

Hanukkah KM38, Uncirculated

India, 2 Annas 1917

George V, KM515, Uncirculated

India, East India Co. 1/2 Pice 1853

KM464, Very Fine

Italy 1 Lire 1940 Extremely Fine

It happened in 1940 that Mussolini declared war on Great Britain; he sided with Hitler and the Japanese and decided he was going to win and take us over. We guess he didn’t win. On this large nickel coin you have the head of Victor Emanuele III and on the other side you have an eagle with his wings full spread and an axe behind him. You just don’t get many coins from Italy issued during World War II, especially from the year they declared war on us. We shan’t make jokes about the Italian armed forces, after all a lot of people died in the battles with them. The coin is large and in Extremely Fine condition and we think it was a fantastic find. We are going to use them in our World War II Remembered Collection that will be coming out later this year. This coin is too important to wait for it, you can own it now.

Italy, Naples & Sicily, Tornesi / Deci 1825

KM133, huge copper coin, 1 year type coin Fine