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Ireland Edward VII Goldine Crowned

These Proof Double Florin sized pieces are retro-patterns, showing what the coinage might have looked like, had it been issued. You have the crowned bust of King Edward VII on one side and a crowned harp within a series of arches on the other side with the retro date 1901. The mintages on these handsome pieces was only 425 in each metal. We have on offer the Goldine examples. They are beautiful, they are Proof, the mintages are low and so are their prices. How can you lose? Add one or more to your collection today, before they sell out…

Jamaica $25 Queen's Diamond

This is a winner. A Sterling Silver $25.00 coin from Jamaica dated 2011 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and with a tiny diamond set into the field. You have a crown and three trumpets and that tiny diamond set into a star. The arms of Jamaica are on the obverse. The coin is brilliant Proof and comes in a protective capsule. A very popular country especially with tourists and one that you don’t see all that often. Supplies are rather short, so if you want one, please get in quickly. Today the Royal Mint charge £80 for a crownsized coin.

Billion Silver Tanka of Jaunpur

These billon or base metal silver coins were issued between 1458 and 1479. They were made for the independent kingdom in Northern India of Jaunpur Sutltanate. Today this area is known as Uttar Pradesh. It was ruled by Hussain Shah, the last ruler. During his reign he contributed to Hindustani classical music. His army was the biggest in India and he tried to conquer Delhi three times, but was defeated each time. In 1493 the Delhi sultanate re-conquered Jaunpur and Hussain fled to Bengal. They are listed as EWC 928. These 500 year old coins are called Tankas and are base silver or billon. They have inscriptions on both sides and have an interesting history. I think at just £18.00 they are both interesting and reasonably priced.

Lundy 1977 Puffin & 1/2 Puffin

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. She visited Lundy and a souvenir sheet was issued to honour that event. We have been offering that souvenir sheet with the two coin-tokens of a Puffin and a Half Puffin. Based on the first Lundy coin-tokens issued in 1929. At that time the Government took umbrage and the man who made them had to go to court. Many of our collectors want the coin-tokens, but do not want the souvenir sheet. They are struck in copper and are in brilliant Proof condition. Well worth adding to your collection, after all how many Lundy issues have there been?

Italy, Tuscany, Testone 1621

Italian States, Tuscany, Ferdinando II de Medici (1621-70), Testone 1621. Very Fine or better and Rare

George VI 1/4 Anna 1940 Unc

Of the four Monarchs who ruled over India in the 20th Century, one of the hardest to find in nice copper or bronze coins is the last one, King George VI. Don’t forget he only came to the throne in 1937 and India became Independent in 1948. During that time there was a World War and people had something else to do than collect coins. We have a nice group of King George VI 1/4 Annas on offer. These are the largest of his bronze coins issued. The coins on offer also have the first head on them and this design was only issued for three years, those from 1940 are on offer. They are not easy to find and the coins on offer are in Uncirculated condition with original lustre. You have the crowned bust of the Monarch on one side and the denomination and date on the other side.