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France 200 Francs 1981-94 P155 Montesquieu GF-VF

This French 200 francs which was issued in the 1980’s and early 1990’s (P156) Its tapestry like design features Montesquieu, a political philosopher living in the 18th century in the Age of Enlightenment. To the right of his portrait a female figure holding a shield representing L’Esprit des Lois,(The Spirit of the Laws) a work he published anonymously in 1748 and which influenced the Founding Fathers when they drew up the American Constitution. The back features his portrait alongside a view of the Chateau de la Brede where he was born and a statue of Scylla a reference to his publication Persian Letters. Available in Good Fine- VF.

Gambia 100 Dalasis nd P29 Hologram Unc

Gambia 100 dalasis nd (2006-10) P29 Brown, green and blue Bird on branch at centre and man at r/ Independence Arch Unc

Equatorial Guinea (as Centr Afr States) 500 Francs P501N Unc

Equatorial Guinea (as Central African States) 500 francs P501Ng Brown and blue. Young herdsman with cattle/Antelope grazing in clearing and wood carving. N Country code. Unc

Eritrea 1 Nakfa 1997 P1 Unc

Eritrea 1 nakfa 1997 P1 Brown and m/c Three young girls at centre/ Schoolchildren with books etc Unc

Germany Paderborn (4) Bishop Notgeld

We offer sets of notgeld issued by Paderborn, a city in Eastern North Rhine Westphalia which was founded as a bishopric by Charlemagne in AD795. Sets are Uncirculated and dated 1921. Those on offer here feature 4 bishops.