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Estonia, set of 3 notes, 2-10 Krooni, 1994-2007. UNC

Set of 3 denominations including 2, 5 and 10 Krooni.

Ethiopia 5 & 10 Birr P47/8 Unc

A Crisp Uncirculated pair of notes issued by Ethiopia in 2009. (P47-8) The blue 5 birr references the important coffee industry on the front with and antelope and lynx on the back set against a mountainous background. The brown 10 birr shows a young girl making a straw mat on the front with a farmer in his fields with a tractor. Uncirculated Ethiopian pair.

European Union 10 Euros 2014 P2

European Union 10 Euros 2014 P_New Red and yellow Archways//Map and stone bridge Unc

Faeroe Islands 50 Kronur (2011) P29 Unc

Faeroe Islands 50 kronur nd (2011) P29 Grey on white Ram's horn at r/ Sketch of rocky coastline Unc

Falkland Islands £5 1983 P12 Unc

Falkland Islands £5 1983 P12a Red Facing portrait Queen Eliz II with vignettes of penguins and walruses/ Views of Port Stanley Unc