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Ed VII East Africa & Ug 50c NOT 25c 1906 Extremely Fine

Because of the shortness of his reign, African coins of King Edward VII are very difficult to find, especially in the higher grades. I have a small group of the Scarce King Edward VII Silver 50 Cents of East Africa & Uganda Protectorate dated 1906. It has been a long time since I last had one of these silver coins in stock, now I have a small group all in nice condition.

France 5 Francs 1873A Unc

In 1870 France became the Republic that we know today. Napoleon III and the Second Empire was no more, France was a Republic. They issued a silver crownsized 5 Francs with the Hercules group on one side and the denomination within a wreath on the other side. The coins on offer were minted in 1873 at the Paris Mint and thus carry the ‘A’ mintmark. Usually, if you are lucky, you see these 5 Francs in Very Fine condition. The coins on offer are in Uncirculated condition with full lustre and of course the usual light bag marks that you expect on coins of this size. We were suprised to find this small group in such wonderful condition, after all they were issued just 3 years after the Republic was formed. They are 146 years old and in Uncirculated condition, a British crown of the same vintage and quality would cost a lot more money.

France, Gold Écu 1589-1592

Charles X, Cardinal de Bourbon, Écu D'Or, Paris Mint, Very Fine

Edward 8 Brass (GM) Hong Kong

One of the most popular of the Edward VIII issues is the one struck for Hong Kong. Since its return to China, there have been literally a billion potential collectors for this series. You have the bare head of the King on one side and a sailing junk on the other. The coins are available in Silver Proof, Silver Piedfort and Brass, here we present the Silver Piedfort coin. Mintages are very low and supplies have almost run out…All that are left at old prices.

Greece 25 Euro Pattern 1996 C N

This crownsized pattern 25 Euros was issued by International Currency Bureau in 1996; it was not issued by the Greek government. On one side you have the Discus Thrower from the ancient Olympic Games. On the other side you have a galley vessel, again of ancient times. This coin is struck in Prooflike Uncirculated Cupro-nickel and is now some 22 years old. Not an easy pre-euro pattern to find and most of the pieces were shipped to Greece. I have bought out one of the original parties that made this piece and therefore I can offer them at a wonderful price. You can add one to your collection for just £7.95, at this price you might want to own more than one…

Hungary Charles I Silver Grade I

Born Karoly Robert, but known as Charles Robert or Charles I, he was born in 1288 and died in 1342. He was invited to Hungary by a Croatian Lord in 1300 and when Andrew III died the next year, Charles was crowned King. He had to fight many battles to keep his crown and believed in absolute power for the King. These Silver Dinars have the portrait of the King on one side and the coat of arms on the other side. Remember that these Silver coins are about 700 years old and supplies, are of course limited. We can offer them in two grades, Grade I and Grade II. Here we present Grade I, in this coin the portrait is much better and of course for an old silver coin, either grade is most impressive.