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500 Year Old Silver Coin Of HRE EF

These small silver coins were struck in Hungary, part of the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) at the end of the 1500’s. You have a rendition of the Madonna and Child on one side and the date and shield on the other side. We bought these years ago and we understand that what we are asking is about the same price that Hungarian dealers want wholesale. We bought them right; we are going to sell them right. We think they are beautiful little silver coins in very nice condition. They would make excellent gifts. We are starting to run out, our guess is that our price is getting people interested. This 500 year old silver coin in Extremely Fine condition can be yours for an excellent price.

East Caribbean States $10, 2003. Silver Proof

Silver Proof Crown issued in 2003 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronoation. Not listed in KM

East Caribbean States, $10 commemorative, 1981. BU Prooflike

Crown-sized $10 commemorative issued in 1981 to for the World Food Day, 16 October.

East India Company Treasure, Ten Cash Coin, EF

200 year old shipwreck treasure recovered from the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast.

Edward VIII East Africa 10c Very Fine

It has been years since we last offered these East African 10 Cents of King Edward VIII. These are much more difficult to find than the British West African issues. They are the largest denomination issued for this monarch and are dated 1936. You have the date on one side and a crown with the King’s name on the other side. We offer them here in Very Fine condition.

Edwardian Sterling. Gaucher Of Chatillon, Yves, Ca 1313-1322

Edwardian Sterling. Gaucher Of Chatillon, Yves, Ca 1313-1322. Obv. +GALChSCOMESPORC, Rev. MON ETN OVA YVE. [Mayhew 239] Very fine, scarce.