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Australia, One Kilo Silver for Year of the Monkey

Very limited supply of this incredible coin weighing one kilo of fine silver!

Australia, Penny Token 1859

G & W. H. Rocke KM Tn206, Fine

Australia, Shilling 1922

George V KM26 about Very Fine

Australia, Shilling 1963

Elizabeth II Choice BU

Australia, Square ‘1920’ Pattern Set

Australia Square ‘1920’ Pattern Set. In the early 1920’s the Australian Mint made pattern Pennies and Halfpennies that were square. They didn’t work so they never issued them. ICB made some crownsized square Australian patterns to emulate these square patterns of the 1920’s. The ‘1920’ set which has a bird flying through the ‘5’ of the denomination. Each set contains a Sterling Silver example, a copper example and a goldine example, so each set contains 3 pieces.

Austria, 2019 Philharmonic 1 Ounce Silver

here we present the 2019's issue of the Austria Philharmonic one ounce silver 1.50 Euro. You have the Opera House on one side and musical instruments on the other side. They are Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition and contain one ounce of pure Silver. Of course, they are dated 2019 and continue a series that was started a few years ago.