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Crete, 10 Lepta 1900A

Crete, 10 Lepta, 1900 A. (KM4.1). A one year type coin. About Uncirculated and scarce.

Canada George VI 5c x 5

During the reign of King George VI Canada issued five different types of 5 Cent coins, commonly known as nickels. The first type was the round one with the beaver, the second type was 1942 in tombac with the beaver, the third type was the V for Victory in tombac, the fourth was V for Victory in steel and the last was the commemorative for Nickel 1781-1951 in nickel. We can offer a collection of all five types of George VI nickels in Fine or better condition. A wonderful little set and more and more difficult to put together these days. Our agent had to make two trips to Canada to get these sets.

Australia WMF Silver Dollar Set of 3 Special.

Australia WMF Silver Dollar Set of 3 Special. In 2016 for the World Money Fair held in Berlin, Alphabet Coins Germany, the Australian Mint issued a special set of 3 small Dollar Coins in Silver. Each is struck in Frosted Uncirculated, which we call reverse Proof and weighs 11.66 grams. Only 1,000 sets were made for the World Money Fair, one coin with a yellow W, one with a orange M and one with a red F. The set comes in a full colour information card that depicts Australian birds and animals. The Queen is on the obverse of each coin and it is a rather handsome and low mintage set. I don’t even think they were offered in Australia, but only for sale at the Fair in Berlin. I would guess that this set should sell for about £105-£125, but we bought them right and are going to sell them right. Our price is just £49.50 for the set of three in the colour folder, but supplies are very limited. That works out to less than £17 each, trybuying a silver coin today for that price.

Barbados 5 Coin Mint Set. Brilliant Uncirulated.

Barbados 5 Coin Mint Set. Brilliant Uncirulated. This set of coins from Barbados was issued from 2008-2011 and reflects buildings and wildlife. You get the 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c and One Dollar coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Flying fish, lighthouse, windmill and a bird, they are all on the coins.

Australia Square ‘1920’ Pattern Set

Australia Square ‘1920’ Pattern Set. In the early 1920’s the Australian Mint made pattern Pennies and Halfpennies that were square. They didn’t work so they never issued them. ICB made some crownsized square Australian patterns to emulate these square patterns of the 1920’s. The ‘1920’ set which has a bird flying through the ‘5’ of the denomination. Each set contains a Sterling Silver example, a copper example and a goldine example, so each set contains 3 pieces.

Republic of Burundi Mint Set of 4

Republic of Burundi Mint Set of 4. The Republic of Burundi is not one of the African nations that one hears a lot about. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa and is also landlocked. Not all that many people go there and far fewer of them have their coins. We can offer you a four coin Mint Set in Uncirculated condition. You get the 1, 5, 10 and 50 Franc coins from 2003-2011 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They are most unusual designs and I think rather modern and still interesting. If you want exotic coins from an exotic country then these are them. Not easy to find and certainly not easy to get.