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Cuba 1 Peso 1985 Bosque FAO CN Unc

This cupronickel One Peso was issued by Cuba in 1985 as part of the United Nations FAO programme. The mintage is just 5,000 and the current Krause catalogue price is $10.00(£6.45) which we think is too low for such a low mintage. You have a modern rendition of a rainforest on one side and the arms of Cuba on the other side. The coin is in Uncirculated condition and now is some 33 years old. We think this coin is being sold too cheaply, but in the spirit of giving you a bargain, here we are!


This Silver Cuban 1 Pesos was issued in 1980 and celebrates the Flora of Cuba. On one side you have the coat of arms of Cuba and on the other a Mariposa flower and the date 1980. This is one of the Cuban coins that is more difficult to get and we are forunate to have a nice group in Uncirculated condition at this attractive price, which makes them even better.

Canada, Nova Scotia, Half Penny Token 1832

Canada, Nova Scotia, Halfpenny token, 1832. KM1, Good Very Fine

Canada, 10 Cents 1911

Canada, George V, 10 cents, 1911. [KM.17] A one year type coin, Good Very Fine

Brazil Football Set

In 2014 Brazil hosted the World Cup for FIFA. It was not all that popular and the only ones who made money, as usual, was FIFA. But Brazil did issue six football coins to commemorate the event. You get a green box telling you that ‘Football Moves’ and that Brazil hosted the Cup. Inside there are six green cards each holding a different Proof commemorative 2 Real coin. The reverse of each has an outline map of Brazil, the denomination and the World Cup. We have never seen this set before nor has anyone we've shown it to. Therefore we must assume that it is Scarce and difficult to find. What a wonderful gift this would make for someone really into Football. We have just 25 sets and when they are gone, there will be no more.

Brazil Set of 2 Currencies

Brazil went through a lot of changes in the 1980’s and that included its coinage. We offer a most unusual group of Brazilian coins, two years, two coinages, two different sizes. From 1986 we offer the 1, 5, 10 & 20 Centavos all very small. From 1987 and 1988 we offer three of the new coins, but now they are very large and called Cruzados, 1, 5, & 10. An interesting set of seven coins now 32 years old.