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China Pair 10 & 20 Custom Gold Units 1930 GEF/Unc

Custom Gold Units were a currency, printed in a vertical format and issued by the Central Bank of China between 1930 and 1948. They were used as a standard for customs payments. Initially they were fixed against the US dollar and were a means for business men to minimize exchange costs. We offer Crisp examples of the 10 and 20 Custom Gold Units dated 1930 (P327 & 8) The front show a portrait of Sun Yat Sen while a view of Bank Headquarters is on the backs. The pair in Crisp GEF/Unc

Austria 1000 Kronen Nd (1919) P59 GEF/Unc

Although this large 1000 kronen note bears the date 1902, it was actually issued in 1919 (P59) At the end of the First World War, the Austrian Hungarian Empire was broken up and Austria became an independent Republic. They are densely engraved in blue. The front has a young girl in a frame with garlands of flowers in her hair. A crowned double headed eagle is at the centre. The back is the same with the addition of an overprint in red of Deutscheossterriech alongside. Available here in Crisp GEF/Unc.

Djibouti 40 Francs nd (2017) P-New Unc

Aquite spectacular note was recently issued by Djibouti, a relatively small country which is strategically located near the Red Sea, serving as a key refuelling centre and entry port. In 1977 Djibouti became independent from France. This stunning 40 francs celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Independence (P-New) The front is dominated by a whale shark swimming amongst coral while the back refers to the importance of Djibouti as a trading centre with a view of the harbour, container ships and cranes. A wonderful note in Crisp Uncirculated

Cayman Islands 5 Dollars 2010-4 P39 Unc

The Cayman Islands is one of the few countries outside the British Isles still issuing banknotes with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. This Caribbean destination is known for being, amongst other things a diver’s paradise and a home to many exotic creatures. We offer here Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 5 dollars first issued in 2010. Features a facing mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, a marine turtle and a pair of parakeets.

Canada 10 Dollars 2017 P-New 150th Anniversary Polymer Plastic Unc

In 2017 Canada celebrated 150 years of the Confederation of Canada 1867-2017. One of the ways it marked this milestone was with the issue of a 10 dollar polymer note which represented all the regions of the country and celebrated the work and lives of 4 prominent Canadians. The portraits of John Macdonald, George-Etienne Cartier, James Gladstone and Agnes Campbell Macphail appear on the front alongside a broad see through security panel. The regions of Canada are represented on the back with a view of Capilano Lake, Twin Sisters Mountain, wheatfields, the Kipana River, the coast of New Brunswick and the Northern Lights above Wood Buffalo Park. An impressive note in Uncirculated.

Bahamas 3 Dollars P44a Unc

Bahamas 3 dollars nd (1984) P44a Red on white facing portrait Queen Elizabeth II at r' Regatta Unc