Complete George VI Cupronickel Florin Collection 1947-1951

King George VI’s reign saw the end of Silver being used in our coinage, saw India get it’s Independence and saw his daughter become our Queen. It was a turbulent time, what with World War II and all the problems that this brought. The Florin is the most difficult denomination to get in almost any series and this is the complete set as issued for circulation. You get the 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1951 Florins in Fine condition This set is an important part of our history, both numismatically and otherwise. You can own the complete date set for £17.50
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Picture of George VI, Cupro-nickel English & Scottish Shillings Set

George VI, Cupro-nickel English & Scottish Shillings Set

In 1947 the Royal Mint took out all Silver from our coinage and used cupronickel instead. They still made two types of Shillings each year, with an English reverse and a Scottish reverse. This short series 1947-1951 has some very interesting aspects about them. The 1947 and 1948 issue had one legend, and then when India got independence they had to change the legend again. NO Shillings were struck for circulation in 1952 as the King died and Princess Elizabeth became our Queen. Normally we sell the two sets, English and Scottish in Sandhill Holders, but as Sandhill is no longer making cases, that is now impossible. Our normal price on the two sets in selected circulated condition is £29.95; there are a total of ten coins in the set. We have had the two sets sorted into snap lock plastic bags, one for English Shillings and one for Scottish Shillings. We are going to offer them for just £9.50 for both sets. That will save you £20.45. You don’t get the Sandhill Cases but you do save £20.45!