Complete Date Set of QEII Sixpences

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The Last £1 and 10 Shilling Notes EF Condition

Crisp Extremely Fine examples of of the last Ten Shilling note which disappeared from circulation in 1971 together with an example of the last £1 note which was replaced by the £1 coin in 1983. Both notes in Extremely Fine Condition

1953 Coronation Crown (Uncirculated)

It is now 66 years since Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. This is the first Queen Elizabeth II Crown, this is the Coronation Crown, and this is the first coin to be issued for our Monarch. It shows the Queen riding on her horse and the design was much more unusual than anything issued before it. Despite being 65 years old and the first coin of our Monarch, the prices are still very reasonable, or at least our prices are. We have them in a number of different grades to fit all collectors’ pockets.

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