Chernobyl Medal

These are very attractive pieces produced with a gilded finish with black, red and turquoise enamel. At the centre is a diagram showing the atom being split into Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. This medal was awarded to soldiers, policemen and many civilians who handled the fallout from this disaster. Complete with ribbon and suspension.
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In 1986 there was a major accident at the nuclear reactor station located at Chernobyl in the Ukraine. It was one of the worst accidents ever to happen and radioactive particles were transported across the country and beyond to Scandinavia and even our own shores. Consequences from the fallout are still present today and it served notice to the world of the horrors such accidents can cause. When the accident occurred, volunteers went in to liquidate and encase the defective reactor core. They all faced extreme danger and this bravery was recognised with a medal issued to all those who helped in the clean up. An Eastern European supplier managed to get hold of a quantity of these medals complete with ribbon and suspender which we can offer now.

These are very attractive pieces produced as a gilded finish with black red and turquoise enamel. At the centre a diagram showing the atom being split into Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation - the very essence of the nuclear reaction!

Complete with ribbon and suspender the Chernobyl medal now available for just £18.95.

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