Charles II Replica 2 Guinea in Proof.

Charles II Replica 2 Guinea in Proof. This is a wonderful replica of the King Charles II Two Guinea Gold piece of 1664. You have the bust of the King on the obverse with an elephant below the bust. This would have signified that the gold used to strike it came from the Africa Company. The reverse has four sets of crowned shields, including that of France, as we used to own part of that country. These are beautiful replicas that hasve been gold plated and struck in Proof condition. Each piece comes in a protective capsule and is just a stunning piece to add to your collection. The original coin in this condition would cost at least £15,000.
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When Nelson Mandela was finally released from Prison after many years hard labour, he shocked the world. He came out in a suit and didn’t hate those who put him inside. Rather he realised that he could help his country go forward and regain its place in the world. He was a hero and loved and admired by not only his own countrymen but by people all over the world. The South African Government made both a coin and a banknote with his portrait on them. A friend in South Africa made up a handsome folder with both the coin and the banknote, which we are now proud to be able to offer. Supplies are running out and we don’t know where or when we will be able to get any more. A true gentleman, someone who put his country before himself and someone we admire. Add the set to your collection today.