Charles I Replica Oxford Crown Proof

Reproduction silver-plated 1644 Crown in capsule.
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In the reign of King Charles I, while the country was in the midst of a Civil War, one of the most beautiful and rarest crowns was struck. In 1644 a silver crown was issued with the King on horseback and below the horse was a fantastic rendition of the City of Oxford. The reverse has the date 1644 and OXON for Oxford on it.
Electrotypes of the original can cost hundreds of pounds. So our friends decided to make a copy that was in Proof condition and wouldn’t cost the earth. You have Charles I mounted on horseback with a drawn sword and the City of Oxford below on one side. The other side has all sorts of inscriptions and fancy flourishes.
There is a ‘V’ which indicates Five Shillings, the date 1644 and OXON. Each crownsized replica is in Proof condition, it has been silver plated and comes in a protective capsule. They are beautiful and if you can’t afford the £25,000 of an original, this replica should still make you very happy.

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