Charles I 1625 - 1649

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Charles I (1625-1649), Tower Mint Shilling. About Very Fine

Charles I (1625-1649), Tower Mint Shilling, Group 1B, Mm. Lis. About Very Fine

Charles I (1626-49), Rose Farthing. Extremely fine.

Charles I (1626-49), Rose Farthing. Obv. Double-arched crown, Rev. Single-arched crown. MM Mullet/Crescent. Extremely fine

Charles I Rose Farthing Fine

King Charles I ruled from 1625-1649 and was during his reign that the disastrous Civil War took place. The smallest coin struck during his tenure was the little copper Farthing. There were several different types issued, but the one on offer today is the ‘Rose’ Farthing. This has a crown on one side and a rose on the other. The coins are undated a bit crudely struck, after all even then a Farthing wouldn’t buy much. Although it was the cost for a small boat to take you across the Thames. The coins on offer while crude are still very collectable and in Fine condition, which considering they are about 350 years old, is not too bad. It has been quite sometime since we last had enough to run, get them while you can

Charles I, Halfcrown. Tower Mint, mm (P). Very Fine

Charles I (1625-49), Halfcrown. Tower Mint under Parliament, mm (P). Very Fine and well struck for the issue. Clipped at 7 o'clock.

Charles I, Tower Mint, Sixpence, Mm Anchor

Charles I, Tower Mint, Sixpence, Mm Anchor. Fifth 'Aberystwyth' style bust. Fine to very fine, decent portrait

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