Channel Islands

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Guernsey, 1 Double, 1933. Brilliant Uncirculated.

Brilliant Uncirculated 1 Double from Guernsey dated 1933, the last date of issue.

Guernsey, 4 Doubles 1864

KM5, Very Fine

Guernsey, 8 Doubles, Large 19th century copper coin. Fine

Issued for only two years in 1834 and 1858 in low mintages

Isle of Man, Winston Churchill 100th Birthday

In 1974 the Isle of Man issued a One Crown, crownsized coin for the Centenary of Churchill 1874-1974. It has H. M. the Queen on the obverse. It is a much better designed and struck than our own Royal Mint Churchill crown. But there was a whole heck of lot less Isle of Man Churchill crowns struck than Royal Mint crowns. They were struck in cupro-nickel by our own Pobjoy Mint and are denominated as ‘One Crown’. It is a coin that we have not had for quite a long time and even now we have only 75 coins in stock. Get while you can, especially if you are a Churchill collector.

Jersey 1966 4 Coin Proof Set

This double set of Jersey coins was issued by the Royal Mint in 1966. It contains two each of the 1/12th of a Shilling and 1/4th of a Shilling issued for the 900th Anniversary of the Norman Conquest 1066-1966. All four coins have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and are in Proof condition in a Royal Mint hard presentation case. Not a set you see that often these days. Only 25 sets in stock.

Jersey 1966 Crown 1066 And All That Unc

Today it appears that mints want £8-£10 for a cupronickel crownsized coin. We know it is strange, but the older coins are much cheaper than the new ones. This 1966 crown was issued to commemorate the Norman Conquest. It carries the two dates, 1066 and 1966 as well as featuring an unusual portrait of the the Queen. Priced at much less than the newer issues, we know which are better value...

Jersey, 1/12th Shilling 1923

George V, KM14, Extremely Fine

Jersey, 1/12th Shilling 1933

George V, Uncirculated with lustre

Jersey, 1/24th Shilling 1877H

Jersey, Victoria, 1/24th Shilling 1877H

Jersey, 1/24th Shilling 1894

Jersey, Victoria, 1/24th Shilling 1894

Jersey, 1/48th Shilling 1877

Queen Victoria, a one year type coin, Uncirculated with touches of original lustre

Jersey, 1/48th Shilling 1877H

Jersey, Victoria, 1/48th Shilling 1877H