Central America and Caribbean

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Aruba 5 florins 1990 P6 Unc

Aruba 5 florins 1990 P6 Mauve on white. Modern design with turtle/ Design Unc

Bahamas 1/2-3 Dollars (3 Values) Unc

A trio of notes from the Bahamas issued in recent times with two featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Our set comprises the ½ dollar, 1 dollar and 3 dollars dated between 2017 and 2019 (P77 & P-New). The fronts are all printed in horizontal format while the backs are vertically printed. Illustrations include portraits of HM the Queen and Sir Lyndon Pindling with the Police Band, a market trader with fish and baskets and a view of Paradise Beach and a regatta, a familiar sight in Bahamian waters. Crisp Uncirculated Bahamas Trio at £13.75.

Bahamas 3 Dollars P44a Unc

Bahamas 3 dollars nd (1984) P44a Red on white facing portrait Queen Elizabeth II at r' Regatta Unc

Bahamas Half Dollar (2019) P-New Unc

Crisp, Uncirculated Fifty Cents Notes from the Bahamas (P-New) These haven’t long been issued and are quite stylish. They are printed on a strengthened substrate. A mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth appears on the front alongside a map of the island and a flower. The back printed in vertical format features a portrait of Sister Sarah in the market with additional vignettes of basket ware. Uncirculated.

Bermuda 2 Dollars 2000 P50 Unc

Bermuda 2 dollars 2000 P50a Turquoise Facing mature portrait Queen Eliz/ Map of island Unc

Cayman Islands 1 Dollar 2010(2011) P38 Unc

Cayman Islands 1 dollar nd (2011) P-New Blue Facing mature portrait Queen Eliz II at r and tropical fish at l/ Rocky cliffs Unc

Cayman Islands 5 Dollars 2010-4 P39 Unc

The Cayman Islands is one of the few countries outside the British Isles still issuing banknotes with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. This Caribbean destination is known for being, amongst other things a diver’s paradise and a home to many exotic creatures. We offer here Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 5 dollars first issued in 2010. Features a facing mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, a marine turtle and a pair of parakeets.

Cuba, 3 pesos 1985 Specimen (P107s) Uncirculated

Red banknote on multicoloured underprint. Ernesto "Che" Guevara at centre. On the back "Che" cutting sugar cane. Specimen with blue MUESTRA overprint twice on each side. A wonderful set of specimen notes with the iconic portrait of Che Guevara.

Dominican Republic 1 Peso P126a Unc

Dominican Republic 1 peso nd P126a Black, brown and yellow on white Duarte at r/ Aerial view of sugar factory Unc

Dominican Republic 20 Pesos 2009 P182 Plastic Unc

Dominican Republic 20 pesos 2009 P182 Polymer Lupon in kepi hat at r/ Columned façade of National Pantheon at l Unc

Guatamala 5 Quetzales 2011 P122 Polymer Plastic Unc

Guatemala has flirted with issuing polymer banknotes and this 5 quetzales dated 2010 is one of the few. (P122) The front features a portrait of General Justo Rufino Barrios who was President of Guatemala between 1873 and 1885. The back has a schoolroom scene and celebrates the introduction of free primary education. Uncirculated polymer 5 quetzales

Haiti 10 Gourdes 2004 P279 Polymer Unc

These Haiti 10 gourdes were prepared but never issued. They follow the design of the paper 10 gourdes issued in 2004 to celebrate the Bicentenary of Independence, except that these were printed on polymer plastic. Nobody has yet come up with a reason for them being prepared and then never issued and it seems a few bundles of these slipped out before anyone realised the mistake. Haiti of course was one of the first countries to experiment with a form of plastic banknote way back in the 1980s but the project was abandoned then too. These more modern 10 gourdes Polymer notes are in Uncirculated condition.

Honduras 1 Lempira 2000- 2006 P84e Unc

Honduras, 1 lempira from 2006 (P84e), coloured red featuring Lempira on obverse and Ruins of Copan on reverse side. In uncirculated condition.

Mexico 100 Pesos 2017 Constitution Commemorative Unc

This 100 pesos note celebrates centenary of Mexico’s Constitution 1917-2017. (P-New)The front shows Carranza and Rojas at the swearing in of the adoption of the Constitution while the back shows the Congressmen standing and swearing to observe and enforce the Mexican Constitution. Uncirculated and limited availability.

Mexico 50 Pesos 1981 P73 Unc

Mexico 50 pesos 1981 P73 Blue on white Juarez at r and facade of building./Carved Aztec fugure Unc

Mexico 500 pesos 1983-4 P79 Unc

Mexico 500 pesos 1983-4 P79 Green. Madero at l/Aztec frieze and Calendar Unc

Netherlands Antilles 1 Gulden 1970 P20 Unc

Netherlands Antilles 1 gulden 1970 20a Bright red. Aerial view of port/ Design Unc

Nicaragua 10 Cordobas 2014 P209 Plastic Unc

Nicaragua 10 cordobas 2014 P210 Green Printed on polymer plastic View of Port in Managua/ Traditional dancer Unc

Nicaragua 10-100 Cordobas Polymer Unc

A lovely quartet of notes issued by Nicaragua and all printed on polymer plastic. Included in the set are the 10, 20, 50 and 100 cordobas values – The fronts all feature local landmarks such as the Salvador Allende Port in Managua, a church, the Handicrafts Market and Granada Cathedral. The backs are delightful with vignettes of dancers and a horse and buggy. Uncirculated.

Nicaragua 20 Cordobas 2014 P211 Plastic Unc

Nicaragua 20 cordobas 2014 P211 Orange Printed on polymer plastic Church/Dancers Unc

Nicaragua, Polymer 50 cordobas, 2010 (P207) UNC

Issued in 2010 for the 50th Anniversary of the Central Bank.

St. Helena, 50 pence P5 Unc

St. Helena 50 pence nd (1979) P5 Mauve on white Queen Eliz and sea approaching the Island. Unc

Trinidad & Tobago 100 Dollars 2019 P-New Polymer Unc

The island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has not long released a new series of banknotes in polymer. From this series we offer Uncirculated examples of the 100 dollars dated 2019.(P-New) The front has the country’s arms at the centre with a bird of paradise to the left and the national flag to the right. On the back are illustrations of the Eric Williams Financial Complex in Port of Spain and BP’s Juniper Offshore Oil Platform. Uncirculated and limited availability at £26.50.