Catherine the Great Low Mintage Silver Patina

This handsome Sterling Silver Patina of a Catherine the Great Rouble is retrodated 1762. Due to the high silver price, the company that made them melted a large part of the mintage. The stated maximum mintage is just 180 pieces in Sterling Silver, but we know that the actual surviving mintage is much lower. Beautiful Sterling Silver Proof and a low mintage. With the Royal Mint charging almost £100 for a high mintage silver coin of the same size. I think our price is most reasonable. Catherine was known as a patron of the arts and her personal art collection which was in the Winter Palace, is now known as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
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Edward VIII GB Coronation Patina Crown Set. We all know what the King George VI Coronation Crown looks like, but what if Edward had carried on and been crowned our King? These Patina Retro Patterns show exactly what it would have looked like. The bare head of the King facing left and the supported coat of arms on the reverse. It is retro dated 1936 and has the complete legend on it. They only made 750 sets of these, in Silver, copper and goldine and we bought most of them. But over the years our supplies have dwindled and we now have only about 30 sets left. All three pieces are crownsized and struck in Proof condition. You get all three pieces for just £89.50. But please remember only about 30 sets left and once they are gone, no doubt the prices of them will rise. It always seems that when we run out, the prices on Ebay and elsewhere go up.