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Metropolitan Gambling Chips

These two gambling chips were issued by Metropolitan Casinos Ltd, which as far as we know, no longer exists. We know they are pre-decimal, i.e. before 1971, because one of the denominations is 10/- or Ten Shillings. After Decimalization it would have been called 50 Pence. There are two chips the 10/- (Ten Shillings) in gold lettering on a blue background. The other chip was a £1 with green lettering on a red background. At the time £1 was a lot of money. You get both chips which we think are very interesting, especially at this price. Remember that they are at least 38 years old. An interesting bit of history, which the internet wishes to replace completely.

Irish Rabbit Cuff Links

Irish Rabbit Cufflinks in green, produced from coins. In very limited supply.

Singapore Sea Horse Cufflinks Black

Singapore Seahorse cufflinks in black, produced from coins. In very limited supply.

George VI Wren Cuff Links Black

George VI Wren cufflinks in black, produced from coins. In very limited supply.

R. Casino 6x Gambling Chips

Bought from Las Vegas; not expensive at just £9.50 but extremely interesting and remember there are only 70 sets available. Each chip is in a heavy clay-like material.

Collection of 107 Gambling Chips

Mostly from the USA and including many unusual pieces and made from different material including bone, card and aluminium.