Byzantine Gold solidus of Heraclius  – The Three Wise Men coin

Heraclius. A.D. 610-641. Constantinople - A.D. 632-635. GOLD Solidus. Heraclius stg. between Heraclius Constantine on R. & Heraclonas on L., holding globus cruciger / 'VICTORIA – AVGYB' Cross with mintmark R. field. 'CONOB' in exergue. Very Fine for the issue & Scarce.
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This coin, issued by Heraclius around AD 631 and minted in Constantinople, depicts the three figures of Heraclius, Heraclius Constantine and Heraclonas and was thought to intentionally recall the biblical story of the three wise men who journeyed to Bethlehem to attend the birth of Christ.

Heraclius is remembered by the Western church for his reputed recovery of the 'True Cross', the name for the physical remnants of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. Heraclius returned the cross to Jerusalem around AD 630.

A fantastic ancient gold coin just in time for Christmas.

The coin is in very fine condition. £495

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