Byzantine Coins

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Constantine II with Constantine IV, AD 641-668. Gold Solidus

Obverse: dNCONSTANTINUS ET CONSTAN - Crowned and draped busts facing, cross between. Reverse: VICTORIA AVG - cross potent set on three steps, CONOB in exergue. Near Extremely Fine

Heraclius & Heraclius Constantine. Gold Solidus.

Heraclius & Heraclius Constantine, AD 610-641. Gold Solidus. Obverse: dd NN hERACLIUS ET HERA CONST PP AVG - Facing busts of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine both wearing chlamys and simple crown, cross between their heads. Reverse: VICTORIA AVGUU - Cross potent on three steps. CONOB in exergue. Nearly Extremely Fine

Phocas Gold Solidus Very Fine

Phocas, AD 602-610, Gold Solidus. Obverse: dN FOCAS PERP AVG - Draped and cuirassed facing bust wearing crown with pendilia and holding cross on globe. Reverse: VICTORIA AVGUΘ - Angel standing facing, holding staff surmounted by christogram (Staurogram - early symbols similar to the Chi Rho) and cross on globe. Good Very Fine