Bumper purse of old British coins

A wonderful selection of 65 old British coins ranging 45 to 100 years old.
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SKU: CEX9165

We have bought a huge parcel of old pre-decimal coins. The newest coin is nearly 50 years old and was struck in 1967, the oldest coins are 100 years old. Each parcel includes coins of Queen Victoria, Kings Edward VII, George V, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

You will get 5 Halfcrowns, 5 Florins, 5 Shillings, 10 Sixpences (for weddings), Brass Threepences, 10 large Pennies, 5 Ship Halfpennies, 10 Farthings including at least one George V, these are coins that actually circulated. Plus, you get a Penny type set including one of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V, two of which are at least 100 years old. Plus a Churchill Crown, the last Crown issued before decimal coins came in. Finally you get a Silver Threepence for the christmas pudding. In total you get 65 coins for this price, postage paid.

Coincraft have been helping collectors for over 55 years and we know what collectors want. This parcel of old pre-decimal coins will be a hit with collectors young and old alike. After all, some of us still remember these coins when they circulated.

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