British Copper & Bronze Coins

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Anne Farthing, 1714

Extremely Fine and very rare, only struck as a pattern.

George III, Halfpenny, 1799

George III, 1760-1820, Halfpenny 1799. Choice Uncirculated with rainbow toning

George IV, Halfpenny, 1827

Obverse: Laureate head facing left, Reverse: Britannia seated with shield and trident. About Uncirculated but a few small edge nicks.

George IV, Third Farthing, 1827

Brilliant Uncirculated with full mint lustre. Hard to find a better example.

George V, both kinds of Penny, The Year of the Titanic Disaster, 1912

George V, 1912 & 1912 'H' Heaton Mint Pennies in Flip Envelope