British Copper & Bronze Coins

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1825 George IV Farthing Uncirculated condition

With original lustre. Very limited supply

1839, Isle of Man, Farthing. Brilliant Uncirculated

Copper Farthing issued in 1839. Brilliant Uncirculated condition with full lustre. A beautiful example. (KM.12)

1844 Victoria, Half-Farthing. UNC with lustre

Victoria (1837-1901), Copper Half-Farthing dated 1844. Uncirculated with lustre

1847 Victoria, Half Farthing

Brilliant Uncirculated

1854, Victoria, Penny. UNC with lustre

Victoria (1837-1901) 'Young Head' Copper Penny dated 1854 in Uncirculated condition with some lustre on the reverse.

1894. Jersey, Victoria, 1/12th Shilling. Brill. Unc.

One Twelfth of a Shilling (Penny) dated 1894 in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition with full lustre.