British Armed Forces Special Vouchers by Theo van Elmpt

The definitive work on these little known occupation currency issues
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British Armed Forces Currency - by Theo van Elmpt

In August 1946 the British Government introduced special Army money to avoid currency exchange problems and to curb black market practices in the occupied territories. Troops would be paid with this money,which could then only be spent in army locations such as the NAAFI canteens.

These special vouchers were used at one time or another in occupied Germany, Austria, Trieste (Italy), Japan, Singapore and Egypt. It was not until 1979 that the vouchers were finally taken out of circulation in the last area where they were still in use – East Berlin.

This book uncovers the history of these vouchers from the first discussions held at the War Office in London, in March 1946 to their final demise in 1979. It contains a great amount of previously unknown information about the historical background, the political aspects, the production, the logistics and the use of the vouchers as well as details of the various types known to exist.

Compiled from official sources, this book gives a fascinating insight into the administrative and logistical complexities associated with the issue of British Armed Forces Special Vouchers and it is the most comprehensive work on this subject to-date.

Increasingly hard to find and only a limited number of copies available.

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