Chief Treasury of Wales Limited, 5 swllt (shillings)

Uncut sheets of four notes as issued by the banker Richard Willams in 1960's.
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As you know, there have been no official banknote issues for Wales. In the 1960’s Richard Williams challenged the Treasury in London by issuing notes in the name of the Prif Trysofa Cymru Limited.
It took London some time before they realised what he was doing because the bank titles written in Welsh translated as the Chief Treasury of Wales! Once they found out, Williams was ordered to stop and cancel any notes he had already produced forthwith.

The notes were printed in sheets of 4 which were then cut up. We rarely see these uncut sheets so we are delighted to be able to offer them.

One of the sheets, offered here, is the 5 Swllt (shilling) issue with a vignette of the Menai Straits Bridge linking Bangor with Anglesey. The other sheet has the four denominations of the Castle Series from 10/- to the £10 issued in 1971 with an overstamp stating that Stamp Duty had been abolished. (see BPB9989)

What is especially interesting is that this sheet is Overstamped in green 'IMPRESS STAMPING Banned by the Lord Chamberlain'.

These sheets are a real talking point and they usually sell for £120 each but while stocks last we are offering them to our customers at a special price.