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Australia 10 Dollars (2017) P63 Unc Polymer Plastic

Australia 10 dollars Blue P-New Printed on polymer plastic Banjo Paterson/ Mary Gilmore Unc

Australia, 1 dollar P42d Unc

Australia 1 dollar nd P42d Brown and yellow Bareheaded Queen Eliz II at r and arms at centre/ Aboriginal art Unc

Bolivia 50 Bolivianos 2018 P-New Unc

Bolivia, or The Plurinational State of Bolivia as it now wishes to be known, has been issuing a wonderful new series of banknotes. The 50 bolivianos has recently been introduced.(P-New) The front features portraits of three important freedom fighters in Bolivia’s history.- Jose Manuel Baca Canoto, Bruno Racua and Pablo Zarate Willka. In the background an illustration of the Fortaleza de Inkallajta, an administrative centre on the eastern border of the Inca Empire. The back is charming featuring the extinct volcano of Nevado Sajama, the endangered Andean Flamingo and fields of quinoa. Crisp Uncirculated and limited availability.

Chatham Islands 1 Koha Plastic

Chatham Islands 1 Koha Fantasy issue printed on polymer plastic Pink, yellow and blue. Weka birds/ Lobster and Kaingaroa Wharf. Unc

Cook Islands 3 dollars nd P7 Unc Pink

Cook Islands 3 dollars nd (1972) P7 Pink Drummers, dancers and fish/Churchgoers returning from church Unc

Cook Islands, 3 dollars, nd (1987) (P3) UNC

A beautifully designed note.

Fiji 5 Dollars 2012 P115a Plastic (No Queen) Unc

Fiji 5 dollars nd P115 Green Printed on polymer plastic The first issue without Queen's portrait Bird on branch/iguana and flowers Unc

New Hebrides 500 Francs nd P19 Unc

New Hebrides 100 francs P18b Brown, pink and blue Carved wooden sculpture at l, view of the port at centre and girl playing a guitar next to hibiscuses at r/ Girl at l, coastal view at centre Unc

New Zealand, Paper 2 dollars (P170c). Crisp UNC

Issued by The Reserve Bank of New Zealand between 1989 and 1992.

Papua New Guinea 10 Kina nd (2008) P30 Plastic Unc

#Papua New Guinea 10 kina nd (2008) P30 Printed on plastic Parliament building/Bowl and bracelet Unc

Papua New Guinea 100 Kina P37a Unc

Papua New Guinea 100 kina P37 Green and peach Parliament building/ Container ship, plane and lorry Hybrid with plastic see through panel. Unc

Papua New Guinea 5 Kina nd (2009) P29 Unc Plastic

Papua New Guinea 5 kina (2009) P29 Mauve Printed on polymer plastic Parliament building/ Carved mask and artefacts Unc

Papua New Guinea, 20 Kina, 2008. (P36) UNC

The last of this denomination to be printed on paper.

Solomon Islands 2 Dollars 1997 P18 Unc

Solomon Islands 2 dollars P18 Green Arms at r/ Traditional spear fishing Unc

Solomon Islands 10 Dollars 1986 P15 Unc

Solomon Islands 10 dollars P15 Pink Arms at r/ Woman and musical instrument Unc

Solomon Islands 2 Dollars 2001 P23 Plastic Unc

Solomon Islands 2 dollars P23 Green printed on polymer plastic Crest/Traditional spear fishing Unc

Solomon Islands 2 Dollars Paper P25

Solomon Islands 2 dollars nd P25 Green Arms with crocodile and shark/ Traditional spearfishing Unc

Solomon Islands 40 Dollars P-New Polymer Unc

The Solomon Islands issued a new polymer plastic note last year. It was issued to commemorate 40 years of independence.(P-New) The front is printed in vertical format and depicts a man blowing a conch shell The back in a more familiar horizontal format shows a turtle, a diver, and a family in a canoe near the seashore. Uncirculated.

Timor 20 Escudos 1967 P26 Slight staining Unc

Timor 20 escudos 1967 P26 Green. Dom Aleixo at r in plumed hat/Arms Some staining otherwise GEF/Unc

Tonga Half Pa'anga 1983 P18c Unc

Tonga ½ pa'anga P18c Dark brown and pale pink Portrait of King Taufa'ahau at r, coat of arms at lower l/Brown and blue Coconut workers at l Unc

Vanuatu 200 Vatu P14 Plastic

Vanuatu 200 vatu P14 printed on polymer plastic I Pink Melanesian man standing/Seated family group Unc

Vanuatu 500 Vatu 2017 P-New Polymer Plastic

Vanuatu has completed the transition from issuing its banknotes in paper and now uses polymer plastic. We offer here Uncirculated examples of the plastic 500 vatu issued in 2017 (P-New). The mauve polymer plastic 500 vatu is mauve and slightly reduced in size over the paper version. The same Melanesian man in on the front and a group of dancing boys on the back while another draws in the sand. Limited availability.