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Bangladesh 10 Taka Nd 2000 P35 Polymer

Bangladesh 10 taka P35 Pink Printed on Polymer plastic President and approach to building/Building and satellite dish Unc

Bangladesh 100 Taka 2013 P63 Unc

Bangladesh 100 taka 2013 P63 Pink and m/c. Details of horseman on frieze/ National Museum Unc

Bhutan 1 ngultrum 2006 P27 Unc

Bhutan 1 ngultrum 2006 P27 Blue and brown Dragon to l and r/ Palace Unc

Bhutan 100 Ngultrum Royal Wedding 2011 P35 Unc

Bhutan 100 ngultrum 2011 P35 Yellow, green and grey Issued to mark wedding of King Happy couple at r/ View of palace. Unc

Bhutan, Royal Wedding 100 ngultrum, 2011 (P35) UNC in Wallet

In the official descriptive wallet of issue.

Brunei 1 ringgit P22 1996 Plastic Unc

Brunei 1 ringgit P22 Blue. Printed on polymer plastic Sultan at r and river plant at l/ Rainforest Unc