Ancient Greek Lead Slingshot. Ca. 2nd Century B.C.

Ancient Greek Lead Slingshot. Ca. 2nd Century B.C. Approx Measuring 30mm in length. The sling is one of the oldest weapons known to humanity. Biblically famous from the 6th Century B.C., it was used by the unarmoured shepherd David to defeat the giant warrior Goliath. The simplicity of the weapon means it has survived and is still used daily by some shepherds in the world today! Slings can use stones that you can find lying on the floor, though ancient writers state the best ammunition was what we are offering here. Conically, almond-shaped lead ‘bullets’, made in a mold. Shaped to fit in the pouch without falling out and to fly true. These were most likely used by the military and date to the 3rd Century B.C. They come with a small display stand and certificate.
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This small bronze coin was the smallest coin in Jewish currency, issued ca 103-76BC. It is best known because of what Jesus Christ said about it. When a widow gave one as a gift for charity, a merchant made fun of her. Jesus said (Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1), ‘This poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast in the treasury’. In other words, the Mite or Prutah meant more to that woman than the gold given by the rich man. We have a nice selection of these small, well circulated and important bronze coins. Great as a gift as most people have heard of the fabled Widow’s Mite. Don’t expect them to be anything but a small crudely struck bronze coin, but do expect to have something that is rather important in history as well as in life.

Gloves for handling

Our friends at Lighthouse have designed a glove especially for handling coins. In between the ridges and valleys of your fingerprints there are acids. If these come into contact with the surface of the coins, this can leave your fingerprint indelibly etched into the surface of the coin. The real problem is that it can take years for this ‘fingerprint’ to appear. They have designed lightweight cotton gloves that are easy to wear and still protect your coins from damage due to handling.

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Germany 10,000 marks 1922 P70 Large Format Green and black on cream. Portrait of merchant at r hiding famous Vampire/ Eagle motif in panel GVF