Ancient Greek Coins

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Taras. Calabria. 3rd., Century B.C.. AR Didrachm.

Taras. Calabria. 3rd., Century B.C.. Silver Didrachm. Good Very Fine, dark tone. Very Scarce and reasonable.

Seleukid, Demetrios I, AR Tetradrachm. VF

Seleukid Kingdom, Demetrios I, Soter, 162-150 BC, Silver Tetradrachm (ca. 30mm). Very fine

Crete, Rhaukos, Silver Stater, 350-330 B.C. VF

Silver Stater from Rhaukos, Crete dating from ca.350-330 B.C. (S.3374) Very Fine

Tarsos, Cilicia, 430-400 B.C., Silver Stater.

Obverse: Lion attacking a kneeling Bull to right. Reverse: Ear of Corn in incuse square. Very Fine/Good Very Fine+. Scarce, catalogues at £700 in Sear

Trikka, Thessaly, 440-400 B.C. Silver Hemidrachm.

Obverse: Youth wrestling with the forepart of a charging bull. Reverse: Forepart of Horse to right. Very Fine