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Mozambique High Value Quartet 50,000- 500,000 Meticais Unc

ACrisp Uncirculated quartet of high value notes from Mozambique dated between 1993 and 2003. (P138-9 & P141-142) Included are examples of the 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 and 500,000 meticais. The Bank of Mozambique building is on the fronts. Illustrations on the back include the barrage of the Cabora Bassa Hydroelectric dam, Dancing warriors and Steelworkers. Current catalogue is a whopping US$100 but this set is available to our collectors at just £14.50.

Namibia 10 Dollars (2000) P4 Unc.

Namibia 10 dollars from 2000 P4 in Blue featuring Kaptain Hendrik Witbooi in hat and building behind with Springbok. In uncirculated condition.

Namibia 10 Dollars Nd P16 Unc

Namibia 10 dollars 2015 P16 Blue Dr Sam Nujoma at l/ Springbok Unc

Nigeria 20 Naira P26 Unc

Nigeria 20 naira P26 Green General Muhammed at l/ Arms Unc

Nigeria 5- 50 Naira Plastic Unc

A quartet of notes from Nigeria, all printed on polymer plastic. It comprises the 5,10, 20 and 50 naira dated 2007 to 2009 (P32-5) The fronts feature portraits of prominent citizens whilst the backs feature traditional dancers, women carrying pots, fishermen preparing fish and a woman at a potter’s wheel. Crisp Uncirculated.

Nigeria 50 Naira P27b Unc

Nigeria 50 naira P27b Blue Heads of four citizens/ Harvest Unc

Portuguese Guinea 100 Escudos 1971 P45 Unc

Portuguese Guinea 100 escudos 1971 P45 Blue on white Nuno Tristao at r/Allegorical collage with ships and woman. Unc

S Africa Barry & Nephews £5 Swellendam 185- Slight Staining GEF/Unc

Save £10 on these £5 notes for issue by Barry & Nephews, a company which traded in South Africa in the 1850’s. Payable in Cape Town and London they are beautifully printed in black on white with a vignette of an ox wagon, this means the company used to transport its goods into the interior. They are in GEF/Uncirculated but because of the way they were stored in the intervening years there is some minor staining at the bottom. Usually £45, now only £35 each!

Seychelles 25 Rupees 2016 P48 Unc

Seychelles 25 rupees 2016 P48 Pink Stunning series with Seychelles Magpie Robin at centre/Killifish and Blue Pigeon. Unc

Somalia 5 Shillings P31 Unc

Somalia 5 shilin 1987 P31 Maroon on white Wildebeest / Banana grove Unc

South Africa 10 Rand 2018 Mandela 100th Birthday P-New Unc

South Africa Bank of South Africa Capetown of Good Hope 2 Rix dollars 18- PS135 Black and red on cream. Unissued Uniface Ragged edges and some soiling Good Fine and scarce

South Africa 10 Rand P128 Unc

South Africa 10 rand P128 Green. Rhino and calf/Head of ram. Unc

South Sudan 100 S Sudanese Pounds 2015-7 P15 Unc

South Sudan 2015-2016 P15b Blue. de Mabior at l/ Lion and waterfall. Unc

South Sudan 1-50 S Sudanese Pounds (5 values) Unc

South Sudan came into being in 2011 when it split from what is now referred to as North Sudan. This fledgling nation has had a turbulent history with a civil war breaking out in 2013. These troubles have affected the economy and resulted in a sharp deterioration in its currency. This is why we can offer a great value set of 4 Crisp uncirculated South Sudan notes ranging from the 10 to the 50 South Sudanese Pounds Dating between 2015 and 2017 this set is now available for just £9.25 (While stocks last).

South Sudan 20 S Sudanese Pounds 2015/17 P13 Unc

South Sudan 20 S Sudanese Pounds 2015 P13 Grey and orange brown de Mabior at l/ Antelope Unc

South Sudan trio, 1, 5 & 10 Pounds (P5-7). UNC

Set of three denominations from the newly formed South Sudan.

South Sudan, 1 & 5 Pounds, nd (2011), (P5-6) Unc

Pair of crisp uncirculated notes from South Sudan issued in 2011.

St Thomas & Prince 10,000 Dobras 2013 P66d Unc

St Thomas & Prince 10,000 dobras P66d Green and blue. Rei Amador at r and bird at l/Bridge over canal. Unc

St Thomas and Prince Islands, 10,000 dobras, 1996 (P66) UNC

A beautiful note printed by Thomas de la Rue

Sudan 100 Pounds P44 Unc

Sudan 100 Sudanese Pounds 1989 P44 Brown, green and pink Building at l and book at r/ Bank building Unc

Sudan General Gordon 500 Piastres PS106

In 1884 the city of Khartoum was under siege. General Charles Gordon who was in charge of the city needed money to keep his troops on side and to ensure the city could function. To this end he issued notes which bore his facsimile signature in values from the 1 piastre to the 5000 piastres. The Mahdi forces eventually stormed Khartoum and Gordon was killed. Anyone caught with one of these General Gordon issues would have been put to death. We can now offer examples of the 500 piastres note issued by General Gordon. They were necessarily small and crude affairs, printed on cardlike paper on one side only (PS106) A relic of an heroic stand by a legendary 19th century general.

Tanzania 1000-5000 Shilingi (3) P41-3 Unc

A trio of Uncirculated notes from Tanzania which used to be known as Tanganika and Zanzibar. It’s a colourful set. The front of the 1000 shilingi features a portrait Tanzania’s first President Julius Nyerere while the front of the 2000 shilingi depicts the head of a lion while the head of a rhino is on the 5000 shilingi. Important buildings and a mining operation and diamonds are depicted on the back. Crisp Uncirculated.

Tunisia Half Dinar P69 Unc

Tunisia Half Dinar 1973 P69. Coloured Green and peach, featuring Habib Bourguiba at centre and a camel and plough below. On the reverse features sheep grazing, a fruit bowl and a tree in the centre. In uncirculated condition. This is a rare note, especially in uncirculated condition considering the Tunisian Dinar is now a closed currency, meaning it's illegal to import it into or export it out of the country.

Uganda 50 Shillings 1985 P20 Milton Obote Unc

Uganda 50 shilingi (1985) P20 Brown Milton Obote at l/ Dam complex Unc

Western Samoa 5 Tala P38 Unc

The author Robert Louis Stevenson spent a lot of time in Western Samoa and was buried there on his death. These bright red 5 tala notes feature a view of his house (P38). The front shows an idyllic scene with the sweep of a palm fringed beach. In uncirculated condition.