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Angola 1000 escudos 1972 P103 VF

Angola 1000 escudos 1972 P103 Mauve and pink, Marischal Carmona at r/ Duque de Braganca Waterfalls VF

Angola 5 Kwanzas 2012 P-New Never Issued Unc

Angola 5 kwanzas 2012 P-New Blue, grey and brown Conjoined portraits/Powerful waterfall in Uncirculated condition

Angola 50 Escudos 1973 P105 Unc

Angola 50 escudos 1973 P105 Blue, brown and black on lilac Luiz de Camoes/ Coffee Plant Unc

Biafra, 5 shillings (1967) (P1) UNC

Blue and orange. Palm tree and sunrise / Young girls

Burundi 100 francs 2001 P37 Unc

Burundi 100 francs 2001 P37 Mauve President at r/ House building Unc

Burundi 500 Francs 1995 P37A Unc

Burundi 500 francs 1995 P37A Mauve and blue Facing portrait President at l/ Building. Unc

Cambodia 1000 rials 1999 P51 Unc

Cambodia 1000 riels 1999 P51 Brown on white Ankor Wat//Road building Unc

Cape Verde 200 Escudos 2014 P71 Plastic Unc

Cape Verde 200 escudos P71 Printed on polymer plastic Facing portrait Teixeira de Souza/ View of volcano Unc

Chad (as CAS) 5000 Francs - 1999 P604Pe (uncirculated)

These colourful 5000 francs were issued for Chad at the turn of the century in 1999. (P604e) Chad is part of the Central African States' Monetary Union. Notes are common in design for the participant countries, but a code letter on the front designates which country they were printed for. In the case of Chad, the Code letter is P. The front of these 5000 francs features a man in a hard hat while other illustrations refer to the drilling industry and the transportation of oil. The back has a wonderful rendition of the cotton harvest and market. Crisp, uncirculated and now long disappeared from circulation; £35.00 each.

Comoros 1000 francs P16 Unc

Comoros 1000 francs P16 Blue and m/c man in outrigger canoe/ Fish Unc

Congo Democratic Republic 200 Francs 2007 P99s Specimen Unc

Democratic Republic of Congo 200 francs from 2007 P99s coloured Mauve, Overprint in red Specimen, features Man hoeing field on obverse left, and Drummers on rear side. In uncirculated condition.

Congo Democratic Republic 50 Francs 2007 P97 Unc

Congo Democratic Republic 50 francs 2007P97 Pink. Carved head at l/ Riverside village with fish. Unc

Equatorial Guinea 500 Francs 1985 P20 Unc

Equatorial Guinea is part of the Central African States Monetary Union which has issued a common currency design for its members. In 1985, when these 500 franc notes were issued, the name of the country appeared at the top on the front. This practice was discontinued in the 1990s when a country code was added to the face of the notes and the country name removed. These 500 francs from Equatorial Guinea are dated 1985 and have an illustration of a carved figure and decorated pot on the front (P20) On the back we find a wood carver and ornate traditional masks. Uncirculated at £10.50.

Eritrea 1 Nakfa 1997 P1 Unc

Eritrea 1 nakfa 1997 P1 Brown and pale blue Three young children at centre/ Schoolchildren Unc

Ethiopia 5 & 10 Birr P47/8 Unc

A Crisp Uncirculated pair of notes issued by Ethiopia in 2009. (P47-8) The blue 5 birr references the important coffee industry on the front with and antelope and lynx on the back set against a mountainous background. The brown 10 birr shows a young girl making a straw mat on the front with a farmer in his fields with a tractor. Uncirculated Ethiopian pair.

Guinea 500 Sylis 1980 P27 Marshall Tito Crisp GF-GVF

Guinea 500 sylis 1980 P27 Brown on cream/ Tito at l/ Building GVF/EF

Guinea Bissau 50-1000 Pesos 1990-3 (4) P10-13 Unc

Guinea Bissau lies between Guinea and Senegal on the ‘ bump’ of West Africa. A former Portuguese colony, Guinea Bissau issued currency in its own name until 1993. Then it became part of the West African States Monetary Union and abandoned banknotes in its own name. This quartet of notes in Crisp Uncirculated condition date from the 1990’s when Guinea Bissau still issued its own notes. Denominations included are the 50,100,500 and 1000 pesos (P10-13) A colourful Guinea Bissau Set.

Ivory Coast 1000 Francs P111 Unc

Ivory Coast is part of the currency union of The West African States. This means that all the countries within that currency union issue the same banknotes. The addition of a suffix letter after the serial number then identifies which country that note was actually issued for. In the case of the Ivory Coast, the suffix letter used is A. These 1000 francs were issued over 20 years ago in 1999 (P111A) The front has a women in headscarf to the right with a vignette of dam building behind. The back has women carrying baskets to the right with carved masks to the left and a village on stilts over water in the background. Crisp A Uncirculated at the very special price of just £6.25

Kenya 1000 Shilingi P51 (uncirculated)

I’ve always liked this 1000 shilingi note issued by Kenya. (P51a) It’s dated 2010. A portrait of Jomo Kenyatta is on the front, whilst on the back there is a wonderful illustration of an elephant family. Crisp, uncirculated at £17.50.

Kenya 5 Shillings 1978 P15 Unc

Kenya 5 shillings 1978 P15 Orange on white Jomo Kenyatta at l/ Planted fields. Unc

Lesotho 5 Maloti 1989 P10a Unc

Lesotho 5 maloti 1989 P10 Blue and green. King Mashoshoe in civilian clothes at r/Dramatic Waterfall Unc

Libya 1 Dinar nd (2009) P71 Gadaffi Unc

Libya 1 dinar nd P71 Blue Gadaffi in pensive mode/ Mosque and minarets Unc

Malawi 20-200 Kwacha 2016 (4 Values) Uncirculated

A set of notes from Malawi - the bottom 4 denominations from the 20 to 200 kwacha. Colourful, with citizens on the front and important landmarks, buildings, flora and fauna. Wonderful Malawi set in crisp, uncirculated condition.