$31,000 of Dunes Casino Chips

Set of three commemorative casino chips from the famous Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas with a total face value of $31,000
SKU: GAM8898

The Dunes Hotel was one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, the ‘Rat Pack’ including Frank Sinatra used to play there. It existed from 1955 until 1993. This set of three chips was made as a commemorative just as the hotel was torn down.

You get a $1,000, a $5,000 chip and a $25,000 chip of the Dunes Hotel, a total face value of $31,000 for only £14.95

It is a wonderful set of chips, made to commemorate the literal fall of the building that was the Dunes Hotel. Great set and we think great value; of course you can no longer cash these in…

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