United States of America, 3 Different dated Trump Medals

Our agent has come up with a winner, beautiful silver coloured crownsized Donald Trump pieces. But the great thing is that each of the three pieces is a different date, 2017, 2018 and 2019. With one swoop you get a readymade collection. Of course if more dates are issued, we will be offering them too. On one side you have the profile of President Trump and on the reverse you have American symbol with the bald eagle and a shield. The legend reads ‘45th President of the United States Donald Trump’. Each of the 3 pieces comes in a protective capsule, they are silvered and in Proof condition. Best of all you get all 3 different dates for an incredible price. AS before supplies are limited and in the past they have quickly sold out.
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United States of America, Donald Trump Medal, 2020

This Donald Trump medal is actually dated for next year, 2020. You have a portrait with his famous hair, facing left with the title ‘Keep American Great!’. The reverse has the American Bald Eagle with wings spread and a red, white and blue shield on its chest. It reads ‘Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump’ along with a facsimile of his signature. It is crownsized struck in Proof silver and gold colour metal, comes with a protective case and is rather beautiful This is one of the more difficult Donald Trump pieces to get, we were only allowed to buy 100 pieces. Add to your Donald Trump collection, after all, they seem rather reasonable and the workmanship is very high.

United States of America, Death of President Kennedy 1963-2013 50th Anniversary Set

Unique memento of President John F. Kennedy with two legal tender half dollars in packaging.

United States of America, 5 US State Quarters in case

The United States issued a set of 50 different quarters (25c) to honour each of their 50 states. The coins are legal tender and were actually meant to be used in everyday usage. We bought a most unusual group of these coins recently. There are five different coins all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and housed in a plastic holder showing both obverse and reverse. There is no logic as to which coins are in each holder, just that there are five different and all are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We bought them right and we are going to sell them right. The series started in 1999 and ended in 2008. Supplies are limited and the holder on its own usually sells for £2.95.